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Hassay Savage 3in1

Hassay Savage is a manufacturer of precision broaches and tooling. Beginning with a redesign of their catalog in 2010, I created and updated new catalogs annually for them and, as their company expanded, their subsidiary companies - Magafor and GMauvais. Working together with the owner and the VP of Sales and Marketing, we developed sales sheets, individual pricing catalogs, and marketing materials - including trade show displays and backdrops. The catalogs were created as seperate pieces (ranging from 32 page to 56 page catalogs) and then united into a 3-in-1 catalog, color coded with cardboard tab dividers for ease of use by machine shops. Each catalog involved isolating and masking images, illustrations, charts and diagrams.

Client / 

Hassay Savage/Magafor/GMauvais


Role / 

Art Director

Graphic Design


Year / 


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