A Very Unusual Book

Mundos Espectrales

While other books I have edited and formatted follow standard book sizes and styles, this was a very unique book.

Mondos Otres, Mundos Espectrales was created as a final project for Professor Antonia Carcelon's Early Modern Transatlantic Literature class. She wanted a graphic novel incorporating her student's interpretations and translations of early modern texts into contemporary Spanish. She planned on distributing the book as a fund-raiser for displaced victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.

The book was designed to mimic the codex books from the 15th century. The student's artwork was combined with original images and organized in a series of 2-sided, full-color panels, measuring 6" x 24". The panels were scored every 6" to open in an accordion fold from a 6" x 6" square spiralling out to a 12-foot snake shape. When folded, the book slides into a CD case style cover printed with bios and instructions on how to "follow the snake" - progressing by changes of color in its smoke trails from victimization to freedom.

Client / 

Antonia Carcelen-Estrada


Role / 

Art Director

Design and Production


Year / 


Sample horizontal panels
Sample vertical panels
CD style cover outside
CD style cover inside
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Sample vertical panels